How can a ferry port be so beautiful as Picton?  By being on the South Island of New Zealand where pretty well everything is gorgeous. We went to the pictures tonight (Monday). On the edge of the Sound, in the aquarium. 18 seats. Poor film but fun experience. We’d arrived at the campsite early, located our spot, marked it in time honoured way (table, if you really want to know), choosing a place near loos etc do would not disturb people when returned late (21.45!!) after film.


Someone was in our place. And daddy bear was not happy. Particularly when one of the van residents tried to sneak back in …. she was left with a clear impression of his thoughts on the subject.

However she decided it was ‘too late’ to start moving vans then. So …. to cut a long story short, involving jaunty pitches and full bladders (not mine) I managed to twist my knee badly enough to stop me walking properly today.

Never mind. The site was clean but cheesy. Lots of notices and sculptures. Like this:

Nuff said.

Transfer to north island smooth and pleasant. Three hour trip. Obvious attention to detail, reassuring. Careful ballast and balancing. Lots of interest in terms of watching huge numbers of rail containers being transported onto boat.

And clear customer information of a type I relate to.:

Thankfully low swell.

The boat we took has recently been upgraded. They took it to Singapore, chopped it in half, inserted a further 30 m of boat, and brought it back. This increased the ability to carry rail freight by 28%, reducing the flights Between islands.

Views from the ferry were stunning ( of course, we’re in paradise):

Wellington was an assault on our senses, noise, people, odours (not unpleasant). Heading directly for Tony’s Workshop, there was, of course, great service.

Shattered wing mirror fitted within an hour but during that time we were able to:

Find reduced fresh bakery (55p for both) and excellent coffee. Butter with muffin? Why ever not says my companion;

Wonder at the concept of ‘after 5 underwear’ (for men);

Marvel at the stylish manhole covers in Wellington:

Particularly the top ones;

Ask ourselves about the seven deadly sins…. greed, avarice (is that different we ask ourselves) lust. Wondering what the others are and what determines the fun/sin balance.

And whether all are practised within…..

Smile at the grape/olive cartoon:and Ponder the seriousness of various captions on cards:

Once again, NZ shows itself to be kind:

Essentially coffee and WiFi unlimited all day for about £1.50. ThIS opposite the salvation army HQ.

AND SO ON UP THE COUNTRY: long drive ahead so quiet evening in…..

After watching the setting sun, and before discovering that I have passed my assessment and now have an MSc ! (Reading for Life, Liverpool uni. )

New words: precaffeination. (Aimless messing about before first coffee of day)


Shelter for bikers waiting for ferry. Really appreciated.

Tomorrow – from here to Auckland. Via Mordor. Obvs.

2 thoughts on “South to North Island. 

  1. Congratulations, congratulations! What a superstar!
    Will have to go for a solitary run in your honour. Am missing our Thursday jaunts and eating too many cakes to compensate. We’ll need very long envelopes to accommodate all the letters after your name soon. Well done!


    1. Thanks Jan. I can hardly walk in a straight line, weighed down as I am with these letters!
      Or more likely because I have become too large myself.
      Thanks for reading the blog so closely
      See you soon


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