Although reclaimed by China it would be difficult to say Hong Kong as been truly reintegrated. The Anglican cathedral of St John is lined with plaques commemorating the piety and patriotism of a number of governors and captains based here, all of whom seem to have come to abrupt and early ends. Still the congregation looks outward, doing its bit and providing a foodbank. 

Rather more specific than some (I understand there may have been a tinned food item with a BBE date of 2012 gifted to an Oswestry harvest festival and passed to the foodbank there – unusual in the extreme age of the can, but out of date items are not infrequently encountered) this foodbank requires all food to have a sell by date at least 8 weeks hence. 

The social conscience of Hong Kong is encouraged by large adverts on public transport :
And demonstrated by the actions, such as this lovely coffee  bar just outside the cathedral. Perfect spot for roasted Japanese green tea. 

Apparently 80% of Hong Kong is green spaces. This must explain why the populace are cooped up like battery hens in the residential areas. 
Whilst British in Hong Kong are traditionally known as gweilos it seems there is now a new class. Filth. That’s the acronym. 
It describes expensively dressed young Europeans, seen posing in designer outfits in bars, with envied pay and employment rights. The acronym stands for ‘Failed In London. Try Hong Kong’. I couldn’t comment. 

However, clearly not everyone has perfect manners here or this sign would be redundant:   

What to do in Hong Kong: 

Admire the view. 

And people watch. 

And so to Auckland. 

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