We decided to do what we could to check the lay of the land – to assist us in navigating to any calls in the dark (essentially 20 hours a day).

Most roads seem to lead to or fromBobby’s bus stop, Britain’s most northerly bus stop. It’s decorations vary according to time of year……

We drove in and out of various housing estates (they are small) to discover that the house numbering, whilst an improvement on the system In the Western Isles,not difficult, is as challenging as the depths of Telford or Wrexham. I discover today that many people (they are all patients) saw me.

They knew there was a different GP this week- it was announced on the radio.

The views and the tranquility are awesome:

As is the welcome. Last night at The Kirk carol service. Slightly late start as the vicar was a thing a couple of ferries to get there. So we had coffee and warm mince pies….

There was something familiar about the vicar. …….

K sang all the carols and we both learnt a lot.

And many of the congregation turned up in surgery this morning. Strange.

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