Monistrol d’Allier to Nasbinals

No WiFi or even signal for days….so a conglomeration of several, which due to the intensity of the walk may well be reduced to comments concerning the quality of the evening meals, and the presence,or otherwise, of blankets. Not to mention Mice.

Monistrole was interesting, sharing the house as we did with five French people who laughed and joked continuously throughout the meal. Andre told us the French were upstairs and we were down – but in fact we were in a sort of town house with two rooms of beds sleeping 7 people between me and the toilet upstairs, and Andre in his bed, WAVING would you believe, at 3 in the morning, downstairs. I chose downstairs….

This is Andre.

This is the dinner table (with the French):

And this is the bucolic view from our room:

The local hydroelectric power station. ….

The guide said the route after Ministrole was ‘constructed by a villain who’d been taken in by an ice – pick vendor’…it was steep as we climbed out of the volcanic valley, very steep, but with incredible rock structures :

Ancient chapel built into the rock:

And gorgeous colours, warm sun, fields of wild daffodils and wild violas, cuckoos, jays…..

A truly lovely day culminating in our arrival at :

A Gite at La Clauze.

Day 6:

20km (cumulative 54)

Items lost:: cumulative 6

Taxis: nil

Tantrums: agreed to differ, but surprised that when we had to tell which of the four of us wanted vegetarian, K knew that Sue, who he had known for less than a week, did, but could not work out who the other one was.

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