Quoi discuter à petit-déjeuner?

As a team we’ve had quite an effect on the local catering services. The resto where we ate last night – and were the very last to leave – is now totally closed down. Not expected to reopen.

For a week.

The Airbnb …. up a steep street and exactly what it says on the can – simple, spacious, central. And up four extremely steep flights of stairs:

Great view of rooftops, hills beyond, and this morning a group of singing pilgrims at eight.

Lovely sound as it’s funnelled up through the narrow streets.

Although the boulangerie was open, we opted for breakfast further afield. Delicious, light as a feather – indeed cloud like – almond croissants, crisp and savoury pain au chocolate…. did we discuss these? My husband opted to discuss – in detail – the system used to clear pavements of dog faeces in Paris. When asked to stop he moved onto wonder how they actually disposed of the ‘items’ collected. Yum.

Anyway – the theme continues…..

Self explanatory.

Le Puy is situated in the bowl of a volcanic plane – with some incredible structures perching on pinnacles of volcanic eruptions.

We walked up to the cathedral….

Past the school of lace making….

And some wonderful doors…..

To the statue of Notre Dame de France….

Incredible statistics….

But you can climb up in the statue…. right to the very top…..and again…..

Can you see that some silly person is waving from the top – look again – they’ve actually got their head out! Who could that be?

The Rocher St Michel is equally impressive, with an apparently tiny staircase winding round its periphery – made me very glad not to be doing a home visit…..

And an even better view of the two outcrops across the roofs of the sheds on the local allotments.

And so to collect Megg, our great friend and walker extraordinaire, who has already tramped 100s of km since starting on March 1, and will continue to walk for many days after we have left.

A total inspiration to us all.

An afternoon of talking, tea and general catch up and then an excellent dinner at La Table du Plot.

Those who know Kbp will not be surprised that he opted for…..the cod. But it was excellent. A most pleasant meal in super company:

And so to bed – the pilgrims’ mass is at 7 tomorrow.

Tantrums: why should anyone have a tantrum over breakfast? I didn’t.

Items ‘lost’: 1 cumulative 3.

Enjoyment: high.

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