Dehydrated olive sand not quite your bag? Well rest assured there are many more choices of wonderful seafood in the foodie heaven that is the mercado do ribeiro in downtown Lisboa. Such is its prestige that the top chefs of the country apparently vie for a stall here.

For an ordinary elderly Shropshire couple it was a great people watching and gastronomic experience:

Even the journey there – on foot – downhill which should have made us think more about the issues of return after a bottle of ‘green wine’ was fun: posh hairdressers, wine bar with a ceiling of bottles- and ‘Boris scooters’ .

I think even I could work out how to stop and go these beauties. Whether I could stay upright is another issue.

And anyway they are banned from the area we walked to today (too hilly).

Bucketloads of wine and coffee and sugar consumption off the scale last night dictated a walk along the front. One thing Lisboa has in Abundance is graffiti. Some of it impressive – this 3D wolf for example :

And some more today:

Including the comic book representation of the history of Lisboa. Outside a toilet.

Also art in many other forms:

Stone walrus. Amusing. But I found the nativity intriguing:

Look closely. It’s all in there.

Made by this chap:

Whilst this one was creating his own art:

The Portuguese tile art told some intriguing stories:

Fish listening to (I think) the messiah.

A woman having her second breast removed with a hot knife and put on some kind of bbq.

But still the church retains its pomp. This line of ?bishop’s mitres in the cathedral for example:

And all around, wonderful faces, sounds and smells:

Joe from the States.

Lunch and it’s maker.



Lovely faces:

And a fabulous sunset:

And now: to din.

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