Yeah  yeah yeah

Strathaven, south of Glasgow to Inverbeg, banks of Loch Lomond 

This is Barry.  Barry is doing the same route as us but over 16 days. He is considerably younger and took the easier options on both occasions. He had help one day. He doesn’t do washing. He has cheap t shirts and throws them away after use. He admits to pushing this bike up hills too. Phew! Not just us then! 

An absolutely lovely day. We cycled through the centre of Glasgow, past Dumbarton and up to the banks of Loch Lomond almost entirely on cycle paths, along rivers, along old railway lines, through wooded fringes to the main road. We met nothing other than help and smiles. 

I’ll tell it in pictures:Where there’s destruction there’s often beauty, these beautiful pink convolvulus not far from Strathaven  were directly opposite  the rusted graffiti garage door. 

They made me think columbine, and Shakespeare, which was odd as our next stop had wall tiles celebrating him: 

This was the people’s palace at Glasgow Green, a wonderful area on the banks of the Clyde where people were enjoying just being – whatever took their fancy.  The coffee shop by the museum was popular:As we left town, a warm and vibrant low rise city I hope to return to soon, we met a wizard who directed us to the magic cycle shop. I know he was a wizard, because his wizard’s hat was pretending to be a front pannier. Otherwise he was dressed as a cycling muggle. His teeth glinted though.

Then, as we looked at our maps another little helper appeared, tattooed and wearing a bandana, he shouted at us in broad Glaswegian, made a wall appear and the cycle track appeared on the other side. It’s true. Ask Keith! 

And to the magic shop, and Keith shrank to smaller than a bikeand smaller than a hedgerow flower and strange birds appearedand we saw a magic way of getting boats under the road on the Firth and Clyde canal (which also sports the Falkirk Wheel, another innovative system) – only ever seen this process in theory before..  and so to Loch Lomond , midged and tired and happy. The Inn on Loch Lomond. 

Mileage  55.6 (cumulative 690.5)

Ascents: 1478

Technical issues: 0 (except my cycling glasses broke, mended by fusion of engineering and medical support teams, half a cAble tie and two waterproof plasters)

Tantrums :no time for such nonsense

Pints: 1  

Other guests trying to select a whisky:

2 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. How you get the time I don’t know, but it’s almost a pocket guide to GB. Flora, fauna and weirdos (or normal people, like us).


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