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Weobley to Burlton

A transformational day in that the countryside morphed imperceptibly from the lush surroundings of Herefordshire to the starker terrain of Shropshire. Fewer woods, smaller hedges, more open grassland.  Even the flowers in the gardens, whilst beautiful are less lush, smaller and generally less succulent. 

A big day today: almost 60 miles so we negotiated an 8 o clock breakfast at the accommodation which appeared to be run by a single handed man. As we left he was struggling with the fried bread (I agreed- full English breakfast is always cHallenge timing  wise). Was a lovely place to stay. 

More time for thought: how can those people who live in the beautiful Shropshire and Herefordshire villages possibly know what it’s like even 10 miles away in Shrewsbury? And particularly in the towns of the north? 

Another thought: we passed the Sitwell Arms. Closed. It that made me think of the fantastic Sitwell family. Did they come from Shropshire? A quick look at wiki shows me they didn’t, but the entry is extremely entertaining, extremely. It also shows me I’d mixed the sitwells with the Mitfords. There you go. 

This is a typical ‘folly’ in Herefordshire:  one of the joys of the trip is just being, occasionally, for example when pub for the morning break was closed today. We sat outside and shared birthday pistachios and an inedible peanut bar. And watched the birds- now in theory I know the difference between swallows,swifts and house martins, but to have lots of all three flying each in their individual way was beautiful. 

Another bird today – whilst I was, shall we say, pausing in a wood this morning I heard a owl calling. As k came up the road so did he. How silly have we become that we both thought it was the other person?

Smells of the day: pigs and new mown lawn, which is strangely different from new mown hay. 

Technical thought : brakes. They come in calliper form (grip the wheels) – ok but wear out and slip if muddy or wet, which it will certainly  e on this trip. Disc brakes: hydraulic. A bit technical and more than is required for me, can cause probs whilst   CHanging inner tubes. And   Cable disc brakes. Which I have and they do the trick. 

We’re close to home tonight: burlton near Wem. The room has a great deep bath, lots of hot water,  chocolate and ….. we had a visitor –   Vicky Davies- thankyiu so much for   Calling and for the gifts of fruit choc and bAnanas, a lovely surprise. 

Tea was great:today’s totals: 

Miles 59.6 (333.2 cumulative)


Tantrums: 0

Pints:1.  It was robinsons. A king amongst ales!

Technical issues:1

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