Sennen- Lands End – Perranporth 

46 miles. 

More than 3000 feet ascent. 

There has been a range of emotions today. Ranging from ‘ does life get any better than this?’ To ‘whose idea was this anyway?’ 

Our welcome committee (nay by any other name)  rebranded herself overnight to become our send off committee. Thank you 🙂

Following the obligatory photos at Lands End (a very tacky place I’m afraid) we made our way, more slowly than we’d imagined) to Perranporth. 

Cycling is wonderful. Less boring than walking yet much more in touch than driving: look at this for example – who else knows there is an old Quaker burial site just off the A30? Spotted as H paused to remove one of her many many layers. 

Also – literary interest for the bookworms amongst you (I know you’re out there, you’re my friends). – as we passed the Carn Galver Mine, at Rosenberg, we discovered a story about D H Lawrence’s banishment from Cornwall following an indiscretion involving his own wife and a German speaking soldier. Know what it was? Let me know and you can ride my bike for a day! 

The hills in Cornwall are ridiculous. But we’ve made it, tired yet happy (happy we’re missing the election fall out as much as anything else) to a pub hotel in the beach at Perranporth. The Seiners Arms. Had a great day here with Nay, JC and Boz the dog last year so happy memories. 

Totals for today: Miles and ascent as above. 

Pages read: 0 (total 67)

Walks up hills ( 😦 ) ) shall we just say, single figures

Walks down hill : 1 

Mechanical issues: 2

Tantrums : 0

(Pints  1 , cakes 1 between 2 of us)

Tomorrow : 55 miles but hopefully much flatter. 

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